Drivers License Decrypt

What we offer

We have a decrypt API that offers decryption of the following

1) SA driver’s license, as well as rendering the image encrypted into the barcode

2) Namibian driver’s licenses - all the users detail. There is no image in the NA barcode

3) SA Vehicle Disks – all the info about the vehicle is returned

What to do

You pass us the hex string of a barcode and our API will spit out a JSON object with all the info in the encrypted barcode

The reason the SA driver’s license is preferred is because if you decrypt it, and the image encoded into the barcode at the back matches the headshot on the front, you can be reasonably sure it’s a legit license card

How it works

We create an account on our portal for you. You get a renewable auth-token that you send with your API requests. You send a hex encoded string of the encrypted barcode to our API and we return you’re a JSON payload containing all the info (including image) that is encrypted in the barcode